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Simply Girl Talk was created for those moments when you have to wait or simply just want to spend some time just for you. A local paper with interesting reading and special bargains.

We bring bits of information you should know, might want to know, tips, poetry, things to remember, things to keep.  We love to hear from you and share what you have to say with others...

Just to let you know, men might not admit it, but they are into our paper as well. Macho or not we catch them reading it.

We love hearing from our readers and find they love to share their information with us. Send us your special bit of information.

You will notice that we have what we love to refer to as our "supporter's gift" in the form of coupons. We can't thank these people enough as they are the reason Simply Girl Talk is made available to you. Please thank them often by supporting them whenever you can. They are the reason we are!