Girl Pic

Two long time friends, Patty Mallett and Trudy Reynolds, two gals who love to shop, eat out , learn new tips, find bargains and get ideas, decided there were many times they sat waiting, at the doctor, the car wash, the beauty shop and more…  and were tired of the celebrity magazines, the world news… etc… Thinking what a great idea it would be if there was a paper that lent itself to the things girls like and would love to read.  No gossip, no dirt, no ugly news… just fun and interesting things to remember and discuss.  Just think a paper where girls could contribute their thoughts for other girls to read, with no issues, just a paper with fun reading, great discounts, interesting ads and more.  With all this in mind Simply Girl Talk was created…

After creating the first paper we decided to test it out.  We went from place to place, sat down to wait and pulled out the paper.  In no time at all other interested people… yes men included … asked about the paper.  The incredible interest the paper generated, due to its cute eye appeal and there being nothing else quite like it, far exceeded our initial expectations. We are excited the paper is generating so much interest even more than we had hoped it would.  We found people saying they loved the interesting facts, great coupons and they found it unique. The short little messages here and there kept the readers interested, made them laugh, and touched them… but most of all we found that they actually read the ads and wanted to take them home.  We became so excited about others excitement that we could not wait to get our paper out into the world. 

During the early stages we have seen that this paper is talked about and passed about from person to person.  When we asked readers… “did you read the ads” or “how many ads did you read” in most cases they replied “we read them all”.  Even the readers were amazed when those words came out of their mouth.  Full of excitement, again seeing the excitement of others, we found this to be great fun to read, create and find others participation with ideas and thoughts amazing.

“We have made many, many new friends and love the tips, information and things that are shared with Simply Girl Talk”.  The paper “by the women for the women”…  and amazing enough read by the men as well. 
A special thank you to all of the women who have contributed and make this paper so much fun! 

Love to all,