Girl Pic

Finally a paper with advertisements that people really look forward to reading (including me). I first had

the paper in my business and when I noticed how many people read the paper and they took it with

them I could see this was the place where I should advertise.  Very cute girls!


Linda Larson


I just love this paper I left it on my kitchen table and came home to find my husband reading it.

He saw the ad for Limon restaurant and said we were going to dinner on the weekend.


Pam Marks


Took the paper to the office and the girls were so excited to finally see it.  One thing I notice is

everyone actually reads this paper and I know they read the ads because they tell me things they

plan to do that are related to the ads in Simply Girl Talk.


Sandra Bryant

I am an advertiser in the paper and I have actually had new customers as well as my regular customers,

actually mention to me that they saw my ad.  I have advertised in many different types of magazines and even

on the radio and this paper has brought me more  interest in the first week than all the others combined.


Jan Schroeder


Hey congratulations this is very cute and fun… you have a winner.  Imagine me not being able to wait to see the

Simply Girl Talk paper next month.  Me the one who never likes to read.


Janette Sims